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The Construction of Boa Hybrid

Engineered Wood Floor

Boa Hybrid

1. Top Coat:

The top coat is a lacquer, applied in either matt or gloss finish.

2. Top Layer:

The veneer is made from solid hardwood 0.6mm thick, using a beautiful and durable American Oak.

3. Core

The core is constructed from high quality SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) which adds strength, stability and a resistance to water.

Make a splash with Boa Hybrid

A truly revolutionary concept, and one that no other wood provides. Boa Hybrid brings the best of both worlds, giving you the beauty of a real wood floor coupled with the water-resistant properties of a vinyl floor.

Boa Hybrid will give your bathroom and kitchen the natural look, feel, sound, and charm of real wood, but with 100% protection from water spills and major leaks, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your floor.

Boa hybrid floors have been tested to withstand humidity and changes in temperatures to ensure they won’t warp or crack. This makes them the ideal flooring solution for homes and businesses in the Middle East. You won’t find wood floors like these anywhere else in the region.

The rigid core is the highlight of this Hybrid wood product because it offers the strength needed at an affordable price. More than this, this floor is made from a strong mixture of limestone and PVC that not only resists water and the damage it may cause but acts as a protective layer against wood mites and even bacteria.

Available Size - Wood Grade Supreme
127mm x 635mm x 5mm - Herringbone
190mm x 1220mm x 5mm - Plank
3- Layer Constructions
Top Layer
0.6 mm
4-sides micro bevel
Joint System
Commercial and Residential
Installation System