Royal Parquet

Care & Maintenance

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After installation, maintain a temperature of 18-24  °C and a relative air humidity level of 45-65%. Keep the room well ventilated and use AC to ensure consistent humidity levels during summer months. For cleaning, use only recommended products and follow the instructions on the label.

Royal Parquet Polish and Restorer

Royal Parquet


A water based emulsion of waxes suitable for the maintenance of lacquered wooden floors. It refreshes and brings lustre back to tired looking floors, all the while giving good anti-slip properties and very good anti-static characteristics to lacquered wooded floors. It nourishes and restores at the same time, while leaving a pleasant fragrance in the environment.
Royal Parquet Floor Cleaner

Royal Parquet


An intensive multi-use cleaner, recommended for the maintenance of lacquered wooden floors. This product removes dirt, black heel marks and various stains; without leaving streaks and all the while perfuming the environment. Royal Parquet Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a neutral cleaner which has special nanoparticles that guarantee a deep and long lasting clean to the treated surfaces, even in the presence of pets. dry (20-30 mins). Polish the surface with soft cloth or proper equipment.

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