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Make a splash with Boa Hybrid

A truly revolutionary concept, and one that no other wood provides. Boa Hybrid brings the best of both worlds, giving you the beauty of a real wood floor coupled with the waterresistant properties of a vinyl floor. Boa Hybrid will give your bathroom and kitchen the natural look, feel, sound, and charm of real wood, but with 100% protection from water spills and major leaks, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your floor.
Boa Hybrid livingroom

Royal Parquet - Boa Hybrid

Make a splash with Boa Hybrid

Boa hybrid floors have been tested to withstand humidity and changes in temperatures to ensure they won’t warp or crack. This makes them the ideal flooring solution for homes and businesses in the Middle East. You won’t find wood floors like these anywhere else in the region.

The rigid core is the highlight of this Hybrid wood product because it offers the strength needed at an affordable price. More than this, this floor is made from a strong mixture of limestone and PVC that not only resists water and the damage it may cause but acts as a protective layer against wood mites and even bacteria.

The way you want it.
This environmentally friendly flooring is made from a supreme, clean-grade American Oak to give you that luxurious, smooth finish. Take your pick from a range of two plank widths and lengths, which includes an added option: classic herringbone design! Choose from our incredible range of
colours to design a floor that will match your aesthetics and enhance your space. Say goodbye to water and moisture issues and hello to superior strength, beauty, and durability!

Boa Hybrid washroom

Other reasons to choose Bernera:

Aesthetic Appeal

French oak is known for having high tannin level, allowing it to absorb more colour. This pro- cess results in a more natural, longer-lasting finish and a higher quality floor.

Environmentally Friendly

The sawmills of France produce a lot of the worlds oak timber. An ever-increasing percentage of this oak comes from sustainable managed forests that rotate on a 200 year life cycle. Oak is hard to surpass as an ethical and sustainable material.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the most significant benefits that you get when using French oak flooring. Even though it naturally has a higher price, you should also consider the longevity of French oak flooring. The increased durability is a factor that should be not be ignored. A long-term perspective would show that this kind of flooring is a better investment.


The ability to resist harsh external pressure is a benefit that is crucial for hardwood flooring. Oak wood is highly durable and has been known to last throughout the lifetime of a home.

You can choose the wood grade to satisfy your specific requirements. This product is offered in both the Supreme and Classic wood grades. — Only the finest grade of wood makes it to our EVOLVE collection, offering clean-grade hardwood flooring with that natural and genuine wood-look and feel.