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Your Superior look and feel

Imagine French Oak stretched across your living area, producing that enchanting flavour to your home. Now, imagine it at a cost you can afford.

Royal Parquet - Bernera

Your Superior look and feel​

Introducing Bernera floors, made from French Oak. The Bernera floors are in high demand for their super clean look and consistent shades, especially in lighter colours.

What makes this hardwood not only beautiful and elegant is the nature of the wood itself: it is high in tannins. This biomolecule helps absorb colour with a resultant natural-looking stain and finish. With the range of colours offered by Royal Parquet’s EVOLVE range, any colour you choose will have a better-looking quality than other woods with a lower tannin level, which often leads to blotchiness and unwanted patches.

There are several advantages in opting for French Oak wood flooring. The number-one benefit is its durability, especially in heavy-trafficked areas. The Bernera floors are available